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Welcome to Christian Dating Advice! As you may know, dating as a Christian isn’t always easy. You probably get a lot of criticism for your beliefs, which can really shrink the dating pool for you. All you want to do is find love, right?

This blog will discuss different topics, such as general Christian dating advice, self-improvement, how to meet other Christians, and many more things in the weekly blog entries. For now, if you just want quick tips for your dating life, check these out:

Christian Dating Advice: 5 Common Questions

Christian Dating1) How to you say to a girl or guy that you only date Christians?
As someone so strong as you in your Christian beliefs, you are obviously showing a lot of commitment to your faith. This isn’t an easy thing to say, nor is there an easy way to get it across. However, something you can try is to explain your beliefs to people, as you get to know them and lead into what may become a relationship.

Ask them if they happen to have any beliefs of their own.

2) How do you tell your boyfriend or girlfriend of your wild and promiscuous past?

You simple just need to be honest with them. It would be a lot worse if they heard about this news from someone else instead of you. Being straightforward like this builds trust with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Now that you are a person of the Church and a true believer, you are a much better person now. You know better and are more in touch with your connection to God.

Just be honest with your boyfriend or girlfriend. If you are truly meant to be together in God’s eyes, then he or she will understand that you are a changed person now.

3) Before marriage, what actions beyond kissing is said to be too much, possibly even considered sinful?

As you know in your studies of the Bible and will come across here in our Christian dating advice, pre-marital intimate relations between single Christian women and single Christian men are considered sinful. However, kissing is okay. You two just don’t want to go so far that passions are ignited. Before you know it, one thing leads to another. You don’t want to cross that line into a world of sin. So be very careful.

If your boyfriend or girlfriend is continually forcing you to go further, then these thoughts of lust and aggressiveness are not qualities of a true Christian. You might as well move on and find someone else who really does respect your beliefs and your own dignity.

4) What if your boyfriend or girlfriend doesn’t respect your relationship with God?

First you need to ask yourself if your boyfriend or girlfriend really saved. If he or she isn’t, then the two of your were certainly not meant to be. The disrespect of your relationship with God is a sign in itself. Such a union would not be allowed in God’s eyes or in His house.

5) Is it okay/possible for a Christian to find love online?

At Christian Dating Advice, we feel it is definitely fine and certainly possible to find Christian relationships online. There are so many couples out there who have met on various online dating websites. You can try out general free and paid dating websites, although there are dating communities online made just for Christians like us.

You just need to use your proper judgment. What exactly are you looking for in a spouse? The only way to experience its effectiveness is to try things out and see if online dating is really for you.

Christian Dating Advice: Online Dating

In our Christian Dating Advice blog, we’ll also be giving you some tips regarding dating online. There are some excellent websites available for you to try out, such as Christian Mingle and True Christian Dating. You have so many opportunities for finding other Christians to date that eventually you WILL find the love of your life.

Don’t settle for less and certainly stay away from those who don’t respect your beliefs. Expect more to come here on Christian Dating Advice!